2006 Tillamook County Housing Summit

On April 13, 2006, almost 100 people from all over the county met at the Bay City Arts Center to discuss the lack of affordable housing in our communities.  The free all day meeting was organized by NeahCasa.


To create awareness of Tillamook County housing challenges, increase public engagement, strengthen partnerships between government and the private sector, and to create an agenda for action. 

Summit Proceedings in downloadable PDF.  

Funding Partners ($2000 total):

Tillamook County Commissioners

Economic Development Council of Tillamook County

TLC Credit Union

City of Manzanita

Hugh McIsaacs, Mayor of Manzanita

Tillamook County Futures Council  

Summit Planning Committee:

Lane deMoll, Chair  – NeahCasa

Kelly Benson - NeahCasa, US Bank

Bill Campbell - Tillamook County Community Development Director

Vince Chiotti  - Oregon Dept. of Housing & Community Services

Shirley Kalkoven - Nehalem Mayor, Tillamook County Futures Council

Denise Lofman  - NeahCasa, Tillamook Bay Watershed Council

Edith Rohde - NeahCasa

Fatimah Roos-Weening  - NeahCasa

Christy Vail - Economic Development Council of Tillamook County

Participants included:

Tim Josi and Mark Labhart – Tillamook County Commissioners

Betsy Johnson - State Sentator

Deborah Boone - State Representative

Rick Crager  - Director, Oregon Housing and Community Services

Vince Chiotti – OHCS regional staff

Bill Campbell - County Planning Director and others of his staff

Laren Woolley - Dept of Land Conservation & Development regional staff


Representatives from various county human service agencies as well as city managers, mayors and city council people.

Local banks and credit unions, employers (including the Tillamook Creamery), realtors, developers, mortgage brokers, landlords, and architects. 

Various local non-governmental organizations including CARE, Habitat for Humanity, Women’s Crisis Center, Lower Nehalem Community Trust, churches, and, of course, NeahCasa. 

NGO’s representing statewide and regional organizations included the Enterprise Foundation, Neighborhood Partnership Fund, CASA of Oregon, Community Action Team and the NW Oregon Housing Authority.


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