Board of Directors


Tom is an internationally known architect who designed the Manzanita Library, the Bank of Astoria and St. Catherine’s Episcopal Church in addition to houses that often find themselves on local home tours. He has been working on sustainability and green energy issues for at least 40 years starting with teaching an Environmental Design class as a Professor of Architecture at the University of Minnesota. Tom first moved to Oregon in 1974 to work with Tom McCall’s energy office and then was an editor at Rain: Journal of Appropriate Technology. In 1981 he won a $15,000 Housing Affordability Prize sponsored by the State of California for innovative ways to reduce housing costs. He was a founder of the Lower Nehalem Community Trust and Fire Mountain School, and was on the original planning committee for what is now the North County Recreation District.  He currently serves as a Building Trustee for the Pine Grove Community Club and is Chair of the Board of Fulcrum Community Resources.  He has lived on Neahkahnie Mountain for 30 years.


Louise has lived on Neahkahnie Mountain among her beloved spruce trees since moving to the area in 1995.  Before that she was a financial advisor in San Francisco.  Louise volunteers one day a week in the classroom at Nehalem Elementary School, and until recently was active doing fundraising events in the Kiwanis Club.  She’s helping Mike with the Student Family Support Project and is active in getting the Housing Trust off the ground. ”For some time I’ve been looking for a project in our community that I can deeply believe in.  I’ve found it.”



Edith’s housing experience began in California when her father, a fireman, jacked up the tiny cottage the family lived in and built a house around it.  Her childraising years were spent in Fairbanks, Alaska, where she cleared the land for a cabin in the woods, heated with wood and hauled water. The state’s economic downturn provided her with experience on how to weather foreclosure and short sale. After moving to the Seattle area she sold real estate for eight years, leaving the business in part due to distress about escalating prices and frustration with not being able to serve the low-end buyers who were her favorite clientele.  A renter in Manzanita since 2004, she sees housing affordability as an issue not just for the local workforce but also for retirees on a limited income, such as herself. Her gainful employment was as public relations person for the Fairbanks North Star Borough School District and the University of Alaska Statewide System.


LEAD Technologies Inc. V1.01EUNICE MASSIE

We were excited when this retired Nehalem Bay Health District CEO first wanted to volunteer for NeahCasa in summer 07.  She is past Treasurer of the North Tillamook County Library Board and a member of their Facilities Planning Committee, and served as chair of the Wheeler Visioning Committee. A Red Cross volunteer, she set up the relief shelter in the December 2007 storm.  Eunice has a strong business consulting and accounting background both in Oregon and in her former life in California and has taken on doing the very complicated bookkeeping system required for Community Land Trusts.  She went to formal trainings at the National CLT convention in Fall ‘07 in addition to a NeighborWorks training in early December. Eunice has been a resident of Manzanita and Wheeler since 1994 and has a strong interest in acquiring & fixing up existing houses for NeahCasa and in developing our local investment program.


Mike recently retired to live in Neahkahnie with his wife, Linda.  Mike’s Architectural degree from University of California at Berkeley, led to a Portland career in public and corporate projects, facilities and real estate management for the Portland Development Commission, Mentor Graphics, and as a partner with CRESA Partners consulting.  Always active in community, arts, environmental and peace work, Mike is now able to focus full attention to his own art, finding traction and hope here in facing the future, serving the library, Cartm, NeahCasa and the Oregon Youth Authority. He’s the dedicated powerhouse that got the Student Family Support Project for NeahKahNie Schools funded, up and running.

AppleMark LANE deMOLL

Lane has lived on Neahkahnie Mountain    since 1976.  Always working with an eye for what enhances this community’s sustainability, she helped to start a number of local projects including Lower Nehalem Community Trust, Cartm Recycling (she was its first director), and Fire Mountain School (where she also taught). Part of her motivation for addressing housing issues is watching young people such as her two sons and others who grew up here and want to stay, having trouble finding reasonable priced places to rent, much less buy.  Lane is on the Board of Fulcrum Community Resources. She is also on the Board of the Northwest Oregon Community Development Collaborative (NOWCDC), a regional partnership working to coordinate housing development and state housing funding in Tillamook, Clatsop and Columbia Counties. She is also an artist and a writer.


AppleMark Gary Seelig

A former public school teacher and a Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement practitioner, Gary moved to Manzanita with his wife, Melinda three years ago.  He has been coming to NeahCasa meetings since 2006 and was the Co-Editor with Edith Rohde of our 2007 newsletter. Gary’s personal connection to affordable housing goes back to 1978 when he began a five year sojourn in school district subsidized housing in Clallam Bay, Washington. This opportunity gave him and his family a chance to get a solid economic start on school teacher wages.