Serving the Nehalem Bay area

When the subject of housing affordability first comes up in our coastal communities, it appears to be a tangle of impossibly complicated issues too difficult to unweave. It is tempting as mere mortals to throw up our hands in despair.

Yet since joining together as a group in early 2005, those of us who are part of NeahCasa have been following the various threads that we can identify. We have begun to see some possible solutions - many of which are already in place in our region and nationally. As we pull gently on each thread, we are finding that the whole tangle sorts out into win/win solutions for us as a community.

As a non-profit, non-governmental organization, NeahCasa is:

  • Bringing awareness to problems
  • Networking information
  • Brokering connections to make things happen
  • Piloting solutions
Among us - both the Board and the network of advisors and volunteers that has emerged - we have a broad range of local and regional experience, expertise, knowledge and willingness to serve.

We are beginning to help get some important things accomplished.

Details about our organization, our projects and our dreams can be found on this website.

New energy supporting funds and memberships are always welcome.

Join us!


A Local Housing Trust - is a mechanism to provide home ownership to hardworking folks while the community maintains control of housing land in perpetuity.
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Student Family Housing Project
An emergency housing granting fund for families in the NeahKahNie School District organized by NeahCasa's Mike Cook (2nd left) and CARE's John Sandusky (right) here get donations from Windermere Realty's Eileen Corin (left) and US Bank Manager Kelly Benson (3rd left), a former NeahCasa Board member.
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10th Street Project
NeahCasa has an option to purchase 10.5 acres just outside Nehalem. It'swithin two blocks of the Rec Center, grade school, Head Start and Senior Meals.  We are working through hoops to be able to create a model neighborhood there. read more >