Public Policy Advocacy

NeahCasa has chosen to be designated as a public policy lobbying organization within its 501c3 tax exemption in order to be able to advocate for systemic changes within the various jurisdictions that affect making reasonably priced housing available for all.

The Need

A complex and powerful ensemble of federal, state and local policies shape the cost and availability of housing in the U.S.

  • Substantial direct and indirect subsidies are provided to households capable of purchasing private homes or residential properties.
  • Other forms of government support have been used to improve access to housing for lower income households including provision of public housing, housing vouchers, and subsidies to landlords and developers.

Government support for affordable housing, like other areas of social policy, is undergoing a period of fundamental reexamination and debate.  What State and Local Government do can have a substantial impact on the availability of housing for the workforce and folks on fixed retirement incomes.

NeahCasa is committed to fostering conversations among government entities and local citizens to create a positive climate for housing affordability in our coastal communities.


  • Zoning Changes
  • Tax & Financial Incentives
  • Other Public Policy Fronts


  • News & Upcoming Events
  • 2006 Tillamook County Housing Summit
  • 2007 Clatsop County Housing Summit

* (For reference see Can Non-profits Lobby? or download IRS form5768).