CLT Resources

We can't say enough about how open and sharing of resources the entire CLT community has been for us in our own process!!   Use them.

  • Institute for Community Economics was the national "hub" for housing trusts for many years.   They have a great range of information and resources available, also links to local trusts across the country.  Much of their activity is now being taken up by the National CLT Network.

    * ICE Community Land Trust Model explains how a trust operates. 

    * FAQs on CLTs answers a lot of questions.

    * Homes and Hands is a Video highlighting 3 CLTs - NeahCasa has a loaner copy.

  • Starting a Community Land Trust  (both a manual and a media kit) by John Emmaus Davis and other excellent resources are available from Burlington Associates CLT Resource Center, including an on-line video called A New Way Home: Sharing Equity to Build Wealth and other cool stuff on their website. They also provide technical support to CLT's.
  • A National Study of Community Land Trusts by Yesim Sungu-Eryilmaz & Rosalind Greenstein, 2007 from Lincoln Institute Institute of Land Policy ( Lincoln Institute also sponsors CLT trainings and is a good source of international information.
  • EF Schumacher Society is another good source of info on CLT as well as other sustainable solutions for communities.
  • NW Regional CLT Coalition - These are the folks we have worked the most with via trainings, conferences  and many phone consults.  No website yet but they have an active listserv and sponsor two conferences a year - spring in the Portland area and fall in the Seattle area. 

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