About Us

NeahCasa is a nonprofit, tax-exempt 501c3 corporation and all donations are tax deductable.


To support community and the economic vitality of our area

by creating permanently affordable housing for fulltime residents.


  • To provide quality permanently affordable housing for full-time low- and moderate-income households by minimizing the comprehensive costs of housing over time.
  • To build attractive, green structures with a light footprint on the land, and a priority of providing construction employment to the community.
  • To improve the quality and availability of affordable long-term rental housing, and to support development of landlord/tenant “best practices.”
  • To provide opportunities for community members to invest in the community via individual loans to the trust for acquistion and construction.
  • And through all of the above, to promote the economic vitality of our communities.


Strategic Plan - 2008-2010  downloadable PDF

NeahCasa PDF - a very condensed version of this website

Get Involved

           NeahCasa is always looking for more people for its Board and any of its on-going projects and committees, as well as for starting new ones!   All kinds of expertise and experience levels are needed, including potential homeowners and renters.  There is a lot to be done and many hands make light work.  We encourage you to contact us or, better yet, come to a meeting a see what we're about.

  • Memberships: Become a member for $5. Donations over and above that are gratefully accepted - and in fact we depended on them. 
  • Program and/or committee meetings are held as needed to help us educate ourselves about the issues and plan future projects. See Upcoming Events for future dates.