Agricultural Lands

Community Land Trusts can Also Hold Agricultural Land and/or Housing

In fact, the reason they are know nationally as "land trusts" rather than "housing trusts" is that they were first set up for agricultural purposes.

Agricultural Housing - Our local Nehalem Bay area dairy community and the increasingly successful small scale, organic produce growers both have housing needs. There are resources and expertise available to help create housing on land for agricultural workers.  This is an area of need CLTs nationally are increasingly aware of.  NeahCasa has yet to get into this "field" but would like to and we know of several farmers who have expressed interest in having help.

Resource: CASA of Oregon has an excellent track record for developing housing in the Willamette Valley, particularly for Hispanic workers, and at various times has expressed interest in working at the Coast probably through the Northwest Oregon Community Development Collaborative (NOW CDC).


Agricultural Land - Produce growers, especially the young people, have land needs as well.  CLT's can be an effective mechanism for making agricultural land available and keeping it in trust for either of these purposes.

The Lower Nehalem Community Trust, our local conservancy land trust, is already involved in local sustainable agriculture.  Most of the 55 acre Alder Creek Farm (a former dairy farm) is designated as a conservation and restoration area for the estuary and salmon creek.  However, Coastal Food Ecology Center is five acres of barn, greenhouse, orchard, community garden and permaculture garden that serves as an educational and experimental food growing center for the community.


Lopez Community Land Trust (Lopez Island, Washington) takes its agricultural work one step further with its Sustainable Agriculture and Rural Development program (SARD) Besides working on rural economic development for small farms via local produce guides and zero net energy experiments, the CLT bought a mobile processing unit - the first USDA approved mobile processing unit in the US - that operated by the Island Grown Farmers Co-op.


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