Note: January 2014 - The information below is for historical purposes only. The dream of creating local community land trust housing continues to be elusive. The legal structure exists, as does potential land and existing affordable houses. We are "only" waiting for energy, funding and folks to buy into the idea. Contact us at: or 503-368-6294

NeahCasa is committed to providing on-going public information about housing affordabilty issues.

However, we are still in the process of getting formal classes organized.   Contact us if you want to be on a list for any of these.

Classes we hope to offer in the future:

Getting Your Finances Together

Whether you are a prospective homeowner or just in an on-going credit crunch, we want to do a class to help you get things under control.   We're lookin' at June 2008 if things come together as we hope.

The ABC's of Homebuying 

Once we have a critical mass of folks ready to buy a new home, Community Action Team (CAT) in St. Helens will offer this class in our area.

Tenant Training

Community Action Team (CAT) has promised to do their Ready-To-Rent  program soon in the Nehalem Bay Area.

Application Process
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