Increasing Density

The patterns of the last half century of

suburban development have increased transportation costs and at times encouraged inefficient use of land. We now need to reduce

car use. 

Let's keep up the good work of bringing back vibrant downtowns alive with folks living and working there creatively.                                   

Not everybody likes Manzanita's  Overboard  building (shown here), but it may well help keep the "village" feel in the long run, as main street property values continue to rise endangering the long time houses in the low-key commercial core.



  • Encourage Building Above Commercial Space - Some communities, especially in urban areas, are offering a bonus to developers who do this.
  • Allow a bonus to developers (such as additional square footage or reduced parking requirements) for doing mixed use commercial/housing.  Tacoma and Boulder do.
  • Allow Accessory Dwelling Units