Design Innovations

When we come from the heart,

       when we look at things wholistically,

           when we think community - not poverty,

                when we think “enoughness,"

                    when we rethink how to use what we already have

We come up with very different kinds of designs.

Small homes that use very little energy,

       homes that get out of the treadmill of endless finance costs,

           homes that glow with love and beauty of the people who live in them,

               homes that transform and enrich existing neighborhoods,

                    homes that feed our hearts.

We’re not into charity. 

        We’re into community.

              That community extends beyond people and place.


 Its wealth is in its aliveness, not the excess of its consumption.


                                                                 Tom Bender, NeahCasa President


See this downloadable Planbook of affordable home designs.

The following pages reflect some of Tom's thinking:

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