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General manager Doug Melvin said in the statement: "Our goal for David is to help develop him into a major league player, just as it is for any player in our system, and we will continue to support him in every way as he chases that dream."

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But Corbyn's calls for renationalisation and more governmentspending have thrilled party activists and Labour's trade unionbackers, fuelling the rise of the 66-year-old member ofparliament from rank outsider to bookmakers' favourite.

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Japan on Tuesday restarted a reactor at the Sendai nuclear plant, some 50 km from Sakurajima. It is the first reactor to be restarted under new safety standards put in place after the 2011 Fukushima disaster.

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"We will have to wait and see," said Schaeuble, who hasbecome a hate-figure for rigid austerity among Greeks tired offive years of soaring unemployment. "This is an opportunity. Butwhat is decisive is that Greece does what it says it will do."

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“He was highly competitive and didn’t want to lose at anything,” Larry Cox, his high school football coach, told the hundreds of mourners who gathered in the stands at Lakota West High School. “I think it correlated with why he became such a great soldier.”

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It's a common complaint among parents who had to walk a mile in the snow — uphill each way, of course — to get to school: Kids nowadays get awards for everything, even when they lose. Well, stars are just like us, because Pittsburgh Steelers outside linebacker James Harrison apparently feels exactly the same way.

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This is a troubling practice for those who believe we are already overexposed to ads, as well as to those who believe we should have complete control of our phones,yet it’s a practice thatwe will hear more of in the future.

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Adding to the jitters is officials' secrecy about their bondplans. Authorities have privately told banks no more than 40percent of the deficit will be financed with bonds; the restwill be covered by running down fiscal reserves.

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This country is already financially burdened to the point that we can no longer absorb the cost of fighting wars every decade, however small. It’s like a middle class family with 80k income while saddled with a 300k mortgage, 20k car loan and 10k in credit card debt yet still dreaming of taking a 10k family vacation every year. The math simply does, not, work.

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Indonesia has had its share of airline woes in recent years. The sprawling archipelago nation of 250 million people and some 17,000 islands is one of Asia's most rapidly expanding airline markets, but is struggling to provide enough qualified pilots, mechanics, air traffic controllers and updated airport technology to ensure safety.

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Apple shares gained less than 1.0 percent during the secondquarter to close at $125.43 on June 30. The stock is now about 8percent lower, closing at $115.96 on Friday, after the companygave a weak fourth-quarter revenue forecast and missed someiPhone sales targets.

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It urged Macedonia to "establish an orderly and protection-sensitive management of its borders" while appealing to Greece to "enhance registration and reception arrangements" on its side of the border.

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Rosenstein's roughly $11 billion Jana Partners bought 2.5million shares during the quarter, according to a regulatoryfiling released on Friday. Jana Partners gained 1.3 percentthrough the end of July, one investor said. The fund was sure tohave gotten a shot in the arm from the bump in Precision's shareprice.

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Responding to a Freedom of Information request, a third of hospitals across England told us that they don't record complaints from "third parties", ie those that witness rather than personally experiencing poor care.

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The revival of the 1960s' television show had been stuck indevelopment hell for nearly as long as N.W.A.'s members havebeen making records, attracting the interest of stars like TomCruise and George Clooney and directors like Steven Soderberghand Quentin Tarantino at various points. The modish version thatultimately made it to screens was directed by Guy Ritchie andstars Henry Cavill and Armie Hammer.

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But the televised wrestling and horse-back riding is seen as comic by Western journalists, who sniggered at the Austen Powers baddie images of Mr Putin emerging from the waters of Crimea in a mini-submarine.

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Now, at 73, he’s overshadowing lacklustre Clinton who, despite a string of scandals, was seen as recently as a few weeks ago as a shoo-in for the Democratic nomination for the November 2016 contest to succeed Obama.

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Such a move would be an embarrassment to local organizers and the International Olympic Committee. They have said repeatedly the water is safe despite being filled with floating rubbish and untreated sewage that gushes down gullies from hillside favelas.

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"I wanted to avoid a war," he said in an interview in 2008. "The president agreed with me. We tried to do that. We couldn't get it through the UN and when the president made the decision, I supported that decision. And I've never blinked from that. I've never said I didn't support a decision to go to war."

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No terms could be obtained for the deal but Rohatyn, whichinvests about $5 billion exclusively in emerging market assets,has realized roughly $2 billion on sales of investments from itsportfolio over the last 12 months, the source said.

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But stay tuned: No matter how battered by wind shear, Danny could still pack a punch by the time it inches across the Atlantic, and — if current tracks hold — might yet threaten the US mainland after passing over the Leeward and Virgin Islands early in the week.

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