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This year, surreal showbiz satire "Birdman" leads the filmnominees with seven nods in the comedy/musical film categorieswhile coming-of-age tale "Boyhood" has five nominations in thedrama film categories.

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Discussion about that Bairstow wicket. Apparently because his shot struck Voges at short leg on the grille of his helmet before bouncing down into his hands, it should not have been out. But nobody present seemed to know of the law.

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Adam, who wished to keep his last name anonymous, met his gal pal via Seeking Arrangement, a website devoted to hooking up rich men with younger women of unconflicted morals. Adam pays for his girlfriend’s $2,600-a-month pad, plus a $1,400 allowance every month.

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So if you want to get in with the A-list fash pack, click (right) to snap up Gemma's exact skirt now. Or head to our edit below for similar styles. We'll be styling this River Island number with a crisp white shirt and courts for a chic work look.

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"We remain convinced the people of Cuba would be best served by a genuine democracy, where people are free to choose their leaders," he said in a one-party state where the media is tightly controlled and political dissent is repressed.

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The case is Linde et al. v. Arab Bank, U.S. District Courtfor the Eastern District of New York, No. 04-2799. (Reporting by Nate Raymond and Joseph Ax; Additional reportingby Alison Frankel; Editing by Andrew Hay, Noeleen Walder andLeslie Adler)

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The music streaming service's new terms and conditions page asks users to agree to give the firm access to their photos, GPS co-ordinates, contacts and sensor information. It also said it would share that information with its commercial partners.

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Based on this, let's look at the classical definition for the habitable zone as the region around a star, such as our own Sun, where the temperature of any orbiting planet permits water in liquid form.

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“The legislation would interject ESD into a local dispute without articulating how ESD’s seizure of a single property aligns with ESD’s stated mission of promoting the state’s sound growth and development,” Cuomo wrote.

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The next step was games on three straight days beginning on Thursday (St. Lucie’s game Thursday was suspended by rain after one inning) and then a day. He was expected to serve as DH in two of those games (he started at third on Thursday), all to be played in Florida.

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For the week, the MSCI All World Index fell 0.4 percent, its second consecutive weekly decline. China's modest devaluation of its currency dominated market activity, as the yuan lost 3 percent on the week, and investors were left questioning whether the move will continue to pressure the Japanese yen and other Asian currencies.

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Senior Merkel allies Ralph Brinkhaus and Eckhardt Rehbergtried to put a positive spin on the Greek deal, noting thatSchaeuble had won concessions on privatisations and that thefirst tranche of aid, at 26 billion euros, would be smaller thaninitially planned, keeping Athens on a tight leash.

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It is common practice for politicians to turn up at funerals and then queue up to give long speeches that neither eulogise the dead nor console the bereaved, but instead promote their agenda and attack opponents.

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But Lord Morris, who was chief legal adviser in Tony Blair's first administration from 1997 until 1999, said "Maxwellisation" could not be "elevated as a doctrine to the exclusion of the need of the public to know".

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Although the day-to-day running of academies remains the responsibility of head teachers or principals, they are overseen by individual charitable bodies called academy trusts and may be part of an academy chain.

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Spectators were standing at a safe distance and watching the grizzly and her cubs at a weir, which is a barrier on a river, Koch said. People often go to the location on the Chilkoot River to see bears feeding on fish.

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Not this time. Yes, the six cylinder engines are there – stronger, smoother and more efficient than before – but the bulk of the range is made up of the new 2.0-litre four-cylinder ‘Ingenium’ diesel.

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He said investigators have received very little information from the thousands of people who were at the club that night who might have been witnesses. Saunders said he wanted people to "do the right thing" and talk to police.

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This has all come about after a report from the Japanese government showed that there were 221 cases of passengers being hit by trains in 2013, and 60% of those people were drunk. Getting stuck into that Asahi without having any tea, no doubt.

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Had the 1965 war been a success, the argument goes, it would not have led to the demise and humiliation of Field Marshal Ayub Khan, Pakistan's first military ruler under whose watch the war was fought.

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Those who attended paid $20 to bid on items spanning Presley's career on screen and stage. The auction was part of the festivities in Memphis for Elvis Week, which annually brings thousands of fans to the city to celebrate the life of Presley, who died Aug. 16, 1977, in his bathroom inside the mansion.

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Shortly after, Marsh saw Bell dropped again – this time at midwicket off a short ball, which steamed through for four to add insult to injury. But the young all-rounder got his man with the next delivery, and this time Clarke made no mistake in the slips as it jumped up off a length and grazed Bell’s glove on its way to the slip cordon.

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BERLIN (AP) — German Chancellor Angela Merkel says there's no certainty the latest bailout for Greece will succeed but she is hopeful the country can overcome its economic crisis if it adheres to the agreements forged with its creditors.

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The government sold 20 billion riyals ($5.3 billion) ofriyal bonds to banks last Tuesday to help to cover a hugedeficit caused by low oil prices. It was only the secondsovereign bond issue since 2007; the first, placed withquasi-sovereign institutions, occurred in July.

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In July, U.S. producer prices increased for a third straightmonth, and factory production rose at its strongest pace ineight months, the U.S. government said. Those figures weremitigated by a surprise deterioration in the University ofMichigan's index on U.S. consumer sentiment in early August.

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Discussing the Greens' limited success at general elections, Larry points to a "basic Conservative-Labour agreement on the fundamentals of the economy" which makes it "hard for a challenger to break through".

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"The Board of Directors has undertaken a careful review ofits accounting policies in respect of recognising revenue, costand profit and adopted a more conservative approach than thatpreviously used," Arabtec said in the statement.

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Grocers often discount turkeys during the holidays to drivetraffic in stores. However, rising wholesale prices could stillsting shoppers. "Some chains might not discount them quite asheavily," USDA agricultural economist Dave Harvey said.

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The second time he was sent back from Italy after 55 days. "The carabinieri told us that our President Bouteflika had paid 4,500 euros (3,175) for each of us to be returned and put us on a plane home," says Rachid. "I felt so depressed."

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“I think just getting the at-bats and getting used to playing every day, getting the consistency down,” Bird said, referring to the reasons for his surge at Triple-A. “Early on, I didn’t feel that consistent, but that’s baseball. You have to learn to deal with that.”

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"These extremely high levels of risk factors demonstrate why farmers are at such risk of heart disease and stroke. Not surprisingly, most of the farmers were advised to see their GP by our health check nurses. After 12 weeks, it was encouraging to see almost a third had followed up with their doctor, but we need all farmers advised to see their GP to do so," commented Maureen Mulvihill of the IHF.

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The study noted a number of factors that were associated with drinking during pregnancy in all four countries. White women were more likely to drink than those of other ethnicities. Women aged 40 and older were also more likely to drink than those aged 30-39.

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"This move with Bematech represents an important step in our expansion strategy, that began with the consolidation of the enterprise resource planning market, more segment specialization and now goes to a third phase with further consolidation," Cosentino said in the statement.

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“I hit it good enough to be where I needed to be, but I putted awful,” he said. “And I finally figured something out today on the putting green, but the damage had already been done. Finally rolled the ball coming in, and unfortunately it was a too little too late.”

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The study focused on different combinations of diabetes, stroke and heart attack - these are known as cardiometabolic diseases. The researchers estimated that at the age of 60, men who had two of these conditions reduced their life expectancy by 12 years, while those with all three of the conditions, reduced their life expectancy by 14 years.

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The mayor and first lady failed to comprehend this greater good, until embarrassed into a gesture — setting a date to appear — that only a court might grant to help the mayor and first lady save face.

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The charity believes that more public investment in the social housing sector is the only answer to the UK's housing crisis: "If neither local authorities or housing associations build homes in significant numbers, then we will never build the homes we need."

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LOS ANGELES, Aug 16, (Variety.com) - "Straight OuttaCompton" may take place more than two decades ago, but itsthemes of racial tension, poverty, and police brutality stillspeak to moviegoers living in a post-Ferguson world.

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Since then Africa's biggest country has been largely peaceful. Thanks to vast reserves of oil and gas, there are plenty of imported goods in the shops. Healthcare and education are free for the country's 35 million citizens.

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But in the last few days, her charmed life has begun to unravel and she is increasingly being painted as another charlatan defrauding the gullible by pretending to have direct access to gods and goddesses.

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Ms Rousseff's nemesis and tormentor-in-chief is Eduardo Cunha - the opposition chair of the lower house of Congress in Brasilia. Influential and socially conservative, he's the one trying to begin impeachment proceedings against the president.

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Founded in 2009, the Oath Keepers group says it is reaching out to both current and former military, police, and first responders "to teach them more about the Constitution they swore to defend, and to inspire them to defend it".

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