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Japanese women even received the ultimate British seal of approval in 1967, as Mie Hama became Bond-girl "Kissy Suzuki" in You Only Live Twice. Given the low-down on domestic arrangements in Japan by his male host - women are inferior to men, they're happy with that, and they live to serve - Bond gives his blessing: "I think I'll retire here”"

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Quoting Gandhi and Nelson Mandela, former UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown intervened on Sunday in the turmoil in Labour over the possibility of the hard-left Jeremy Corbyn being elected leader, and told members to support principles over individuals.

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The deal comes about five months after Canadian regulatorscleared Postmedia Network's C$316 million deal to buy QuebecorInc's Sun Media newspaper assets for C$316 million($282 million) in a deal that gave Postmedia control of most ofthe major English-language dailies in Canada.

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But the document introduced as evidence in the shareholders'suit after a judge forced Tepco to produce it, appears tochallenge that. The "Tsunami Measures Unavoidable" report, datedSeptember 2008, was filed with the Tokyo District Court in June,but has not been widely reported.

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"China appears to be more or less slowly entering adebt-deflation trap," said Liu Li-Gang, chief economist forgreater China at ANZ Bank in Hong Kong, adding that Beijingneeded to sell state assets more aggressively to escape a debtspiral.

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State forest rangers, federal authorities and Vermont police also joined the search, which ended with Matt shot dead on June 27 and Sweat wounded and caught two days later. Parts of the maximum-security prison, where the men also cut through a steam pipe in the basement, required repairs.

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“I felt like I should have got that ball up and down on seven. And then I had a great chance on eight for birdie and didn’t take that. A couple of days in a row where I haven’t finished the round of golf the way I wanted to. I don’t feel that I should be annoyed, but just a little more disappointed with how I finished.”

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He posted a photo of his kids' participation trophies to Instagram on Saturday, but they won't be sticking around for long. He's taking them away because he feels his kids should earn the awards they get in life.

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The new field, which Eni says is the biggest-ever field in the Mediterranean, represents a setback to Israel’s vision to export gas for the first time to countries including Egypt, Jordan and the Palestinian territories. In contrast, production from the site that’s about 37 percent larger than Leviathan may help Egypt bridge a gas shortage that has worsened since the so-called Arab Spring revolt in 2011 forced the country to start importing fuel.

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The Daily News has some of the most memorable photos in sports history. From legendary boxers and iconic tennis players to golfing greats and fabled Olympians, the Daily News has the photos you want of the once-in-a-lifetime sports moments. Find yours today and relive history.

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Shi confirmed the presence of more than 100 tons of deadly sodium cyanide, stored at two separate sites. He said workers were trying to clear the area of chemicals before possible rain showers, which could create toxic gas.

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The demonstrations were called largely by web-based activist groups with demands ranging from Rousseff's impeachment to a return to military dictatorship like the one that ruled the country from 1964-1985. But an end to corruption appeared to be a top demand, amid the widening probe into corruption at the state-run Petrobras oil company. Operation "Car Wash," which began more than a year ago as an investigation into a bribes-for-contracts scheme at Petrobras, has exposed how widely corruption permeates Brazilian society, snaring top members of the Workers' and other political parties, as well as executives of powerful construction companies.

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The real estate mogul and television personality, who has rocketed to the top of opinion polls among the 17 Republican contenders, has aroused controversy with his provocative comments on illegal immigration, including describing some undocumented migrants from Mexico as criminals and rapists.

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Bill Clinton campaigned hard for Obama's re-election in 2012 and Obama, while not endorsing anyone yet in the 2016 race, has expressed his admiration for Hillary Clinton, who is making her second White House bid and is the Democratic frontrunner.

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We instantly knew that this flirty frock was a Stella McCartney creation thanks to the embroidery and contrasting prints - a key motif in the recent collections. Add into the mix those delicate spaghetti straps and mini length and you've got the perfect summer dress to take you from a garden party to glitzy cocktails.

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Rubio was among the five Republican presidential candidates speaking to Americans for Prosperity's annual summit, a gathering of local conservative activists affiliated with the flagship political advocacy group financed largely by industrialists Charles and David Koch.

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"MTV isn't under the authority of the FCC (Federal Communications Commission), so MTV would not be subject to any broadcast decency fines for that, but if I were a sponsor for the VMAs, I'd probably be pretty outraged," Melissa Henson, director of grassroots education and advocacy for the Parents Television Council, said in a phone interview with The Associated Press after the VMAs.

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Joseph Margulies, a Cornell University law professor who also represents a detainee, said he believed the administration’s actions reflect a decision by Obama that closing Guantanamo is not as important as other goals.

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In addition to the gridlock at the Hegyeshalom border crossing — about a 30-kilometer (18 1/2-mile) backup at its peak — traffic was slower than usual at other spots along the Hungary-Austria border, the traffic monitoring firm Utinform reported.

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Martinez appeared Thursday in Denver District Court, where Judge Brian Whitney increased his bail to $200,000 on the child sexual assault charges and separate charges of assault involving two adults. His bail previously totaled $100,000.

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“We had a really good team this year,” he adds. Softball is “such a good morale booster. It’s become a spectacle in Central Park. You could say we didn’t keep our hands at the level of our eyes.”

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While Rosenstein is by far the biggest new stakeholder, hewas not alone in coming in at a time the company's stock pricehad been falling. The share price, which is still down about 4percent this year, had fallen roughly 17 percent during thefirst half.

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"This move with Bematech represents an important step in ourexpansion strategy, that began with the consolidation of theenterprise resource planning market, more segment specializationand now goes to a third phase with further consolidation,"Cosentino said in the statement.

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"Chances of success are much better" than in the run-up to Copenhagen, Yvo de Boer, who was the UN climate chief at the Copenhagen conference and is now head of the Global Green Growth Institute in Seoul, said.

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After his test, Ventura had three suspicious marks that were removed, one on the bridge of his nose, one on the side of his face and one on his neck. When he met the media Saturday, he had a bandage over his nose and one on his neck.

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According to the agency, the latest push "pays homage to one of the boldest expressions of human curiosity and engineering endeavor -- space flight." Like previous ads, it's inspired by the brand's daring spirit.

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The tax-writing Ways and Means Committee of the House of Representatives on Thursday said in a statement its top priority in months ahead will be "international tax reform," an issue that directly affects the profits of C corporations.

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Brady was the surprise starter in the Pats’ preseason opener. He played two series, seven plays, less than three minutes of clock time. Why did Belichick play him? “We played a lot of players tonight,” he said with great insight, prompting a follow-up of whether it was a last-minute decision. “We played all the guys that could play,” he said.

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After weeks of talks over the government's initial proposalin June, the deal will allow Texas-based Noble Energy and Israel's Delek Group to keep ownership of thelargest offshore field, Leviathan. They are required to sell offother assets, including stakes in another large deposit calledTamar.

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Almost two months have passed since the last case of flu wasdetected, and farmers whose flocks were wiped out are nowcleaning their barns before bringing in new birds. But the USDAhas yet to give the clearance that would allow any chicken sitesin Iowa, the top egg-producing state, to bring in replacements.

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Almost two months have passed since the last case of flu wasdetected, and farmers whose flocks were wiped out are nowcleaning their barns before bringing in new birds. But the USDAhas yet to give the clearance that would allow any chicken sitesin Iowa, the top egg-producing state, to bring in replacements.

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Surveillance technology and direct assistance by the DEA and CIA have been instrumental in the arrest of cocaine kingpins and a key weapon in Colombia's fight against the leftist Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, as evidenced by the interception of phone calls that located and led to the killing of the guerrillas' top commander, alias Alfonso Cano, in a 2011 military raid.

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The centers in Karnes City and Dilley, both south of San Antonio, recently held more than 1,300 women and children combined. A third, smaller facility located in Berks County, Pennsylvania, held about 70 people. All three are overseen by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, but the two centers in Texas are run by private prison operators.

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U.S. pilots have reported more than 650 drone sightings sofar this year, as of Aug. 9, compared with 238 total for all of2014, the FAA said this week. If sightings continue at thatrate, the number would near 1,100 by the end of the year.

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