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"This is a terrible tragedy,” Portman told FoxNews.com in a statement Sunday. “Matt was a talented young man with a bright future who was taken from us too soon. He was an outstanding intern for me in Washington. (My wife) Jane and my thoughts and prayers are with his family and friends and the Cleveland community during this difficult time."

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While holding to our belief that all schools, regardless of student body, can raise achievement — as shown by the most successful traditional and charter public schools — we urge de Blasio and Chancellor Carmen Faria to add mixing of high- and low-achieving students to the reform tool kit.

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Lawmakers have said they anticipate action next year, most likely aimed at modifying the appraisal interest. The change will come too late to benefit Dole, but it would likely undercut the "appraisal arbitrage" that has attracted so many hedge funds.

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After a recess during which Miller was ejected from the courtroom, the judge allowed him back in and continued with a discussion about jury instructions. Miller made several objections that were overruled, at one point even citing George Washington.

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The biggest drop was in the targeted age group, children and teens ranging in age from 1 year to 19. Researchers also noted drops in children under 1 year, an age at which the vaccine is not recommended, and also among adults, a group that tends to not be vaccinated.

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Okanagon volunteer firefighter Ethan Freel hoses down a tree as he allows grasses to burn out around it in a controlled burn Saturday, Aug. 22, 2015, in Okanogan, Wash. Out-of-control blazes in north-central Washington have destroyed buildings, but the situation is so chaotic that authorities have "no idea" how many homes may have been lost.

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Navy officials said an initial inspection indicated the victims, at first estimated to number over 40, died from inhaling exhaust fumes. Survivors say places on the boat's deck and life vests go to migrants who can afford to pay smugglers more.

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“Well, it just takes time,” he said. “Unfortunately, I hadn’t played that much the last couple years and I’m finally able to start playing. Unfortunately, I’m potentially missing out on the playoffs.

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Yet A Brief History of Seven Killings has shown he can handle a long, episodic structure and a big roster of characters. Marlon James plans to leave behind entirely the cliches of "plantation and ghetto" and create a world, as Tolkien did.

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Toronto was mounting another rally in the fourth after Martin and Ryan Goins hit one-out singles, but Kevin Pillar hit a line drive to center, where Ellsbury made a running catch. Martin was caught too far off second base, so Ellsbury fired to Stephen Drew, who made a terrific stretch to nab the ball for the third out.

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The protest began in Riyad Solh Square near the government building. Police fired tear gas and water cannons to beat back protesters after some of them tried to push through a security cordon. The protesters later moved to the nearby Martyrs' Square and pledged to stay the night.

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But that didn't stop people from killing Parnell Friday night and Saturday morning on social media and the radio, I heard/read a few people who said he should be cut - CUT - for Friday night's game. Apparently, the Mets are not allowed to lose another game, and apparently the lineup that scored two runs in 10 innings wasn't at fault.

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Say it with a slogan, as they say. And it seems Chloe Goodman is trying hard to do just that, brandishing a black sweatshirt emblazoned with the words 'Stress doesn't go with my outfit' while looking decidedly... well... stressed.

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Arkansas announced on Sunday that senior running back Jonathan Williams will miss "an extended period of time" with a foot injury. The injury took place during a scrimmage on Saturday and will require surgery.

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Sailors at the week-long event wandered around the Marina da Gloria taking photos and videos of raw sewage still pouring into the water just a few steps from where they launch their boats. Raw sewage is also still flowing into Flamengo Beach, which will be used as a sailing viewing area for the Olympics, which open Aug. 5.

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"I felt a duty to readers, I felt a duty to the dead, I felta duty to journalism and I also felt a duty to my staff," AmolRajan, editor of the Independent, told BBC Radio. "And I thinkit would have been too much of a risk to unilaterally decide inBritain to be the only newspaper that went ahead and published."

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“The heart of our community goes out to the family of the slain officer who was killed in the line of duty earlier this morning,” Crowell said. “It is a reminder of the dangers that our first responders go through each and every day while keeping us safe.”

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Mr O'Carroll says all the chemicals should have been stored as far away as possible from each other. "It is evident each should have been segregated as it was inevitable that there would be a disastrous explosion with that combination."

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All that inexperience will hit the field for the first time in a prime-time game on national television against one of college football's most revered programs. Strong said it will be time for his young players to grow up.

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Carter said that additional details of his disease, once they are known, will be made public as soon as next week. Well wishes poured. President Barack Obama and his wife Michelle wished for Carter’s fast recovery.

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Still, even in such states, “Much of politics is visceral. Most voters actually don’t study or expect ”white papers’ and other wonky stuff,” says Iowa State political science Professor Steffen Schmidt.

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"The situation is catastrophic," a Douma-based activist who goes by the name of Mazen al-Shami told The Associated Press via Skype. He said clinics in the area are full and many of the wounded are being rushed in civilian cars to other medical facilities since ambulances are overwhelmed. Al-Shami said mosque loudspeakers issued calls for residents to donate blood.

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The controversy surrounding the potential health risks of GMOs rages on but while it is still uncertain as to what—if any—health risks might be directly associated with the use of GMOs, a new study investigates the potential risks that the herbicides used to mature GMO crops might pose.

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At the hospital's Center for Transyouth Health and Development the stars visited with the kids during a meeting of Transforming Family, a support group allowing families to explore gender identity issues.

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They are:David Payne, 42, of Rochester; Jennifer Arthy, 41, of Rochester; John Smale, 58, of Rochester; Christopher Owen, 29, of Rochester; Harry Shilling, 22, of Swanley; Michael Defraine, 29, of Bexleyheath; and Richard Rye, 24, of Swanley

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Still, despite being approved in the same way as many of the 15,000 offenders released under correctional supervision last year, Pistorius must wait in jail for a new hearing. Legal analysts say his lawyers have a strong case to challenge the justice department's ruling. His lawyers said they are considering their options.

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The in-form Berliners, who are also through to the second round of the German Cup, started the second half well and Swiss midfielder Stocker almost made it 2-1 when his deflected shot bounced just wide of the post with the Werder goalkeeper beaten.

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The only open discussion that occurred regarding Sinai was in the brief transition period between February 2011 and June 2013, and it did not yield any executive policy and died out quickly following the takeover by the military in July 2013.

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The WHO’s cancer research unit had classified glyphosate as probably carcinogenic to humans earlier this year, but agrichemical companies and regulators still say it is among the safest herbicides being used today.

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As Western companies and diplomats returned, the regime — flush with cash from foreign investment and rising oil prices — resumed assassinating dissidents, raiding universities, shutting down newspapers and jailing dissidents.

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"Well, the reality is that we really need to start expanding our view of who we will ascribe opportunities for redemption to," Booker said. "Not just to these so-called nonviolent prisoners, but all prisoners who are worthy of redemption."

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The Trigana Air Service plane was flying from Papua's provincial capital, Jayapura, to the Papua city of Oksibil when it lost contact with Oksibil's airport, said Transportation Ministry spokesman Julius Barata. There was no indication that the pilot had made a distress call, he said.

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Denson was selected by the Brewers in the 15th round in 2013 after playing for South Hills High School in West Covina, California. He spent last season with the Wisconsin Timber Rattlers in the Class A Midwest League, hitting .243 with four homers and 29 RBIs in 68 games. He started this season with Wisconsin, hitting .195 with one homer and eight RBIs in 24 games before being sent to Helena. In 42 games with the Montana team, he's hitting .245 with four homers and 18 RBIs.

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Moore birdied his first five holes of the day, but you can forget a repeat of that among the later starters. It's noticeably blowy now and increasing in intensity all the time. That's going to affect the ball through the air but also on the greens, as Butch Harmon has just emphasised on Sky Sports, with the feeling that putts are rolling considerably quicker than yesterday.

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While it’s a lawsuit and nothing has been proven, it’s just more dirt that eventually won’t wash off. Who needs China to hack the U.S. government when we’ve got our own homegrown companies doing it? Buy American

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The rest of the show went on, but the two teams canceled their afternoon performances. Though both normally perform separately, Dixon said, they’ve also jumped together numerous times without incident in recent years.

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They're also dousing the scene with hydrogen peroxide, a chemical that can neutralise sodium cyanide. But they still have a long way to go: state media reports that cyanide levels inside the zone are 356 times higher than levels considered safe.

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