Domestic Violence Shelter

In 2008 Tillamook Women’s Resource Center established a much needed Domestic Violence Shelter

in Tillamook, serving Tillamook County that can houseup to 25 individuals at any time.

NeahCasa helped with this project:

  • NeahCasa Board members, Kelly Benson and LeeAnn, wrote a $25,000 grant to the Oregon Department of Housing and Community Services that  helped with some of the last pieces of funding.

  • Board member Tom Bender helped in his professional capacity to find the building and do the redesign.


Contact the Center if you need support for domestic violence issues and/or emergency shelter.

  • 24 hour hotline: (503) 842-9486 or

  • Toll free in Oregon 1 (800)-992-1679

Also contact them if you want to donate items to the new shelter or volunteer for the hotline.