Home Ownership

Note: January 2014 - The information below is for historical purposes only. The dream of creating local community land trust housing continues to be elusive. The legal structure exists, as does potential land and existing affordable houses. We are "only" waiting for energy, funding and folks to buy into the idea. Contact us at: info@neahcasa.org or 503-368-6294

Are you a permanent fulltime Nehalem Bay Area resident?

Do you dream of owning your own home?
Have you considered moving away from the coast
so you can afford to own your own home?

Don't go!   Wait!   Stop!   Hold it!

Maybe you qualify to own a

NeahCasa Community Land Trust home.


NeahCasa is working to address housing affordability issues in our community – both for the local workforce and those on fixed incomes or vulnerable for whatever reason.  

We intend tocreate permanently affordable housing by using the community land trust (CLT) model.  CLTs sell homes for below market prices by taking the land costs out of the equation.  The CLT owns the land and leases it to families and individuals who purchase homes on the land.  The 99-year ground lease, which can be renewed for an additional 99 years, includes restricted resale provisions, and thus CLTs preserve affordability for future buyers.  This process gives homeowners virtually the same bundle of ownership rights as market-ownership.


We do not yet have houses to sell, and it will likely be a while before we do. However, we are beginning to identify local folks who are interested in living in our housing. When we are ready to build, we want our community members ready to buy. Buyers, of course, need to be qualified, and that takes time. Start now by filling out an application.

In Summer 2008, NeahCasa hopes to be offering classes in getting your financial "house" in order in preparation for buying your home or even just helping you make the rent. Contact us to be notified about these classes.

Application Process