Land & Houses

When the homes of other cultures - even very poor by our standards -
contain beauty, love, community,
and connection with the sacred,
and ours can only breed crime, sickness, and despair,
there is something wrong with what we are doing.

It's time to do things differently.

Making homes filled with beauty from the heart,
that feed our souls,
doesn't cost money.

There's no reason finance charges on a home should cost ten years of family income.

There's no reason homeowners should pay more than the cost of a home for the honor of exhausting all the fossil fuels on our planet to operate the home.

There can be freedom in our homes
for humor, joy, celebration,
sharing, and community.

Living lightly,
honoring all of creation,
touching deep into the energy
that creates the world we see -

There suddenly is boundless time
to touch and be touched
by the hearts of others,

By the beauty and wonder of our world,
By the diversity of people and culture and dreams,
By the limitless possibilities that lay before us.

This is what we of NeahCasa know can happen,
And are acting to bring into being.

Tom Bender, NeahCasa President