(web page updating terminated September 1, 2011, upon transfer to CARE, Inc.  See Emergency Housing program home page.  Tenant/Landlord support is recognized as a key activity in encouraging a quality affordable housing market.  But limited resources do not allow maintenance of this program at this time.  Please contact Erin Skaar at CARE Inc at 503-842-5261 or eskaar@careinc.org if you are interested in reactivating this effort)

Rental Support (As operated during Student Family Emergency Housing Neahcasa start-up years 2005-2011 only)

Rental housing support to landlords and tenants is being structured by NeahCasa through resources on this web site, occasional local educational and networking events, and recommended membership in the Clatsop County Rental Owners Association.  Notices are provided via group e-mails to NeahCasa's Tillamook County Rental Housing Network.

Initiating Sponsors:

NeahCasa, CARE, Northwest Oregon Housing Authority, Tillamook PUD, TLC Credit Union, US Bank, Ribbon Investment,  Nehalem Bay Video, Coldwell Banker Kent Price Realty, Wells Fargo Home Mortgage, Bank of Astoria


June 10, 2010

The Northwest Oregon Housing Authority Board of Directors announce that Todd F. Johnston as the new NOHA Executive Director.

February/March 2010 - CCROA Notices

Landlord Tenant Law Seminar scheduled, Saturday, February 27, 9:30a.m. to 1:30p.m., Bob Chisholm Community Center, 1225 Avenue A ♦ Seaside.  Click on Registration form for continuing ed credits, costs, etc.

Next CCROA meeting: March 1, 2010 at 6:00 pm at Baked Alaska, #1  12th Street, Astoria.   Please phone your dinner reservations to Zita  so that we can have an accurate headcount on those attending. RSVP at (503)325-3697

October 16 , 2009

NOHA BOARD MEMBER SEARCH - Volunteers are being sought by the Tillamook County Board Commissioners for a vacated position on the board of the Northwest Oregon Housing Authority (NOHA). Applications were due October 16, 2009, but the search remains open. NeahCasa has developed a group to assist in the recruitment efforts in North County for the position. We urge your participation and support to this agency so critical to our safety-net here in North County. The following are links to the notice, NOHA website and related documents..

County Notice
Organization Notes
Annual Report
Organization Audit
NOHA web site

NOHA voucher crisis of summer 09.  NeahCasa, in concert wtih the Rural Organizing Project, Oregon Opportunity Network, and Street Roots has led and advocacy effort with our congressional deligation and HUD to reinstate 218 of 288 families faced loss of Section 8 rent subsidies and likely evictions and returning $800,000 in funding lost June 1 of this year.

August 2009

NeahCasa paved the way for Community Action Teams of Astoria (CAT), CARE and Womans' Resource Center Work, and NeahKahNie School District to bring CAT's Ready-to-Rent tenant training to Tillamook County in Fall of 09 as a resource to landlords, NOHA and schools in preparing families for the responsibilities of renting.

Resource Links:

The following links provide a menu of organizations for landlord and tenant resources.  Landlords are encouraged to contact these organizations to determine tailor their own best and most cost effective approach to their needs for forms, screening, education, networking/counseling.

NeahCasa:  (contact info obsolete and deleted)

Participation interest:

Landlord Counseling support:

Clatsop County Rental Owners Association (CCROA):
Current contacts are listed on the most current News Letters below: Tillamook County Landlords are encouraged to contact CCROA for the immediate benefits of membership, access to rental forms and screening services. Check with CCROA for upcoming events and fees for membership, forms and screening services. We'll be posting their materials and forwarding notices on a regular basis. CCROA News Letters provide helpful information for landlords, membership and current contacts:

Oregon Rental Housing Association: NeahCasa has joined the ORHA to ensure local access to helpful articles and newsletters, current legislation and Oregon based rental forms are available only through direct landlord membership in the ORHA or through CCROA below. ORHA now has Oregon based forms on line for a fee to ORAA and CCROA members. Please see this ORHA newletter link. for articles on all aspects of rental management.

Lane County Rental Association: Articles and training schedules.

Current Newsletter: Nov 2010

Property Management Services:
contact the following and other licensed property management services for professional long term rental support:

Screening Services: Current concerns and liabilities regarding identity theft now limit individual rental owners to go through a property management company such as Ribbon Investment or Landlord Association such as CCROA, or property managagement company affiliated with the screening company. For information on screening services please see the following links:

Pacific Screening:

Tenant Data, previously Associated Credit Systems,

Tenant Rights Link: This link connects you to NeahCasa's page on legal information, identified in cooperation with Legal Aid of Oregon

Listings Link: provides links to long term rental listings in the North Coast Citizen, Daily Astorian, Tillamook Headlight Herald and landlords typically providing subsidized and affordable rentals in North County.