Area Median Income (AMI)

These numbers are very important as eligibility and funding for all the state and federal housing programs are based upon them.

We at the coast operate under a particular challenge because of this our AMIs are low and our land values are high. For further elucidation of this issue see our page on the Coastal Gap.

It is a challenge to determine just what these numbers are because especially as every data source lists slightly different numbers or uses them in slightly different ways. But the ones from the Federal Department of Housing and Urban Development are key and used by State of Oregon since most of their money comes from the feds. (Note that the name of the department is called "urban development"!).

    HUD user website Median 2007 household incomes:
    Oregon - $55,923
    Metro Portland - $63,800
    Tillamook County $46,200
    Clatsop County - $50,800
    Lincoln County - $45,600
    Downloadable PDF with statewide numbers by county.

    Buildable Lands Study figures show incomes from 2006

    (which may not come from the source or be correlated with the above):
    Manzanita $41,720
    Nehalem $37,619
    Wheeler $30,307

Most home ownership programs target people at 80-100% median income with a small percentage allowed to be at 120% of median income.

Most rental programs aim for below 80% of median income.

Here is a downloadable PDF if you want more details on the Orgeon Housing and Community Services (OHCS) numbers and dollar figures for more than 5 people or less than 50% median income. It also has Clatsop County numbers.

And if you want to put local faces on it we have a page for that too. ;-)