Step Forward to Support Affordable Housing in Our Vibrant Community


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Donate any amount to NeahCasa. 

The first $5.00 is your individual membership fee ($10 for a couple)

                            Anything over that goes to support to help the organization flourish.

(If you prefer to be a supporting, non-voting member, we can arrange that, too.)

Members Have a Vote, a Say In What Is Done

Vote once a year at the Annual Meeting on Board Members and Major Issues


  • Help community members who need help becoming homeowners
  • Hold land in trust to keep affordable housing in our community affordable permanently
  • Support the building of homes and use of lands in an environmentally sensitive and socially responsible manner that preserves, protects and enhances the landís natural attributes
  • Provide economic, social and educational support to residents of our community
  • Engage in activities that promote the economic vitality of our community.


                                                                  See About Us if you want to know more.