10th Street Project Morphs into Coyote Ridge

Update January 2014: Neahcasa's 10th St Affordable Housing Demonstration Project remains on hold. A PDF narrative of the 2009 proposed Project plan is available here.

The 10.6 acre site abuts the west city limits of Nehalem, Oregon. It is within two blocks of the elementary school and playground, community center (seen from above the property) - with swimming pool, daycare, after-school program, auditorium and fitness center; Senior Meals, Head Start, and the Post Office. It is only a few more blocks to the downtown shops, bus stops and the nehalem River. Elevations of use areas are between +130' to +170' MSL, ensuring protection from tsunami and climate change flooding.

The property was purchased by Tom Bender and Lane deMoll to hold for a NeahCasa Community Land Trust project. The site remains available for interesting residential development, and is now partitioned into 5 two-acre parcels, all with great views and solar potential. Several hundred cedar trees have been planted in the western portion as part of a project to restore the sacred cedar coastal forests. In 2011, a large community garden was established on one of the 2-acre parcels. It is protected by our local "Elks Club," which enjoys gatering outside the fence. Discussions are underway about possible linkage of the forested ravine area with other nearby conservation properties for an interesting web of trails.

The value of the Net Zero Energy FlexPlex houses designed for the project has become increasingly apparent - both in its creative configuration and how that generates its powerful energy efficiency.

If you have interest in some aspects of the project or property, now called Coyote Ridge contact Tom Bender and Lane deMoll: 503-368-6294.

There have been a couple of different visions for this property as a whole rather than separate lots, including a healing center/spa complex and a co-housing residential cluster. The latter vision was explored in the novel-in-progress, What If, Can Be by Lane deMoll.


10th Street is a demonstration project for a series of innovative approaches to housing developed by NeahCasa under the structure of a Community Land Trust. Valuable individually, together they create a new and more effective paradigm of housing design and ownership with exciting possibilities to:

  • Obtain an order-of-magnitude reduction in housing costs, including finance, energy and operating costs.
  • Show how green neighborhood design and affordable housing can enable the 90% reduction in our energy and resource consumption needed for global sustainability.
  • Improve the living quality of affordable housing.

The project is being pioneered by a core partnership between NeahCasa, the NW Regional Community Land Trust Coalition, Northwest Oregon Community Development Collaborative (NOW CDC) and Community Action Team, with a dozen or more additional local community and professional partners.

PROJECT ELEMENTS - The site’s topography and rural residential zoning made its acquisition affordable, while presenting opportunities to demonstrate creative green planning to benefit difficult sites:

  • Clustering of affordable housing along its ridge (30% of the site) permits:
    • development cost savings
    • access to solar energy
    • reuse of roof water runoff and grey water
    • community gardens and food production in housing area
  • An Open Space Preserve on unbuildable portions (50%) of site that includes:
    • Walking trails
    • Sustainable forestry on wooded portions of the site
    • Permaculture of edible perennial native plantings on sloped portions of site abutting housing
  • Easements for community utilities: 10% of site
  • Restoration of sacred and community dimensions of affordable housing through art and community action that can help ensure the care and maintenance needed for durability.
  • Development of a pioneering rural carshare system is planned in conjunction with the project.


ZERO ENERGY HOMES: As well as being permanently affordable under the Community Land Trust model, it is intended that the homes on the Nehalem site be green prototypes that showcase NeahCasa's ideals such as flex housing, sweat equity construction and more.  Tom Bender is in discussion with the Tillamook County Public Utility District (PUD) to help sponsor two prototype Zero Energy Homes - one for a shaded site and one with good solar exposure.   Stay tuned!

FINANCIAL: The landuse issues of this project have taken much longer than expected, so the original purchasers of the property have set up  a LLC of local investors to land bank a portion of the property. The 10th Street LLC is now complete (as of Fall, 2009) with 10 investors contributing a total of $60,000 (most contributing $5,000 each) to purchase Parcel 3 (1/5 of the total acerage). Their intention is to landbank this for up to 5 years while NeahCasa raises funds to purchase it back.   Anyone interested in how this model for local investment works should contact NeahCasa or Tom Bender or call 503-368-6294.