Our August 2010 Newsletter

Great grant news for the Student Family Housing Project Fund:

  • October 2009 - $500 from the local Hope Chest Communtiy Fund
  • November 2009 - $7,500 from the US Bank Foundation
  • December 2009 - $1,000 from the local Eugene Schmuck Foundation
  • July 2010 - $1,000 from the local Eugene Schmuck Foundation
  • July 2010 - $5000 Juan Young Trust



September, 2009 - Ok, we're excited.  Manzanita City Councilperson, LInda Kozlowski has agreed to join our Board of Directors.  See Board Profiles for more information.

August 2009 - The S.S. Johnson Foundation awarded NeahCasa $5,000 for the concept development phase of the 10th Street Project. Thanks to State Senator Betsy Johnson for her recognition of our efforts to create innovative housing in our community.

Summer 2009 - NeahCasa's Mike Cook took a lead in publicizing and advocating for the low income renters caught in the recent NOHA funding shortfall for Section 8.  He continues to be active in the resolution of the problems.

June 2009 - For the second year in a row, Louise Christianson's raffle to support the Emergency Housing Fund for NeahKahNie High School student families raised $2,000.  It's great evidence of local support that we use to match outside foundation support.  Thanks to all who bought tickets and to Brian Johnstone who contributed the ceramic piece that was raffled.  

August, 2008 - The Juan Young Trust awarded NeahCasa $7000 over the next two years for the Student Family Housing Fund.

July, 2008 - US Bank awarded NeahCasa a $3,000 grant for capacity building.

January 15, 2008 -   We received our 501c3 tax exempt status from the IRS  and it was a definitive ruling rather than an advanced ruling. (Double hooray!)   Funds donated directly to NeahCasa are now tax-deductible.  We are grateful to the US Bank Foundation for a $5,000 grant that allowed us to pay for some of our time prepare our application and enabled us to hire the Community Development Law Center to help with the process.

June, 2007 - The first NeahCasa newsletter is published available here as a downloadable PDF:  Newsletter 6.07   A second newsletter is scheduled for late September 2008.


Upcoming Events

          Green Charette for Nehalem 10th Street Project -  Saturday, September 18,2010

A collaborative all day session to move forward on creating a model neighborhood of 5 houses on 10.5 acres just outside of Nehalem.  We're calling on potential homeowners, investors, builders and interested community members to spend the day with us from 9:30 to 3 at the Nehalem Bay Methodist Church.  Lunch will be provided.  RSVP to or call 503-368-6294.

More information.

NeahCasa Board Meetings:

Held at the North County Health District Meeting Room in Wheeler.  (Same building as Food Bank across from Rinehart Clinic).  

New people are welcome to attend to see what we are about. Call 368-6294 for the date of the next meeting and directions.




Future Workshops & Classes

NeahCasa is committed to providing on-going public information about housing affordabilty issues.

Getting Your Finances Together - Whether you are a prospective homeowner or just in an on-going credit crunch, we want to do a class to help you get things under control.   This keeps getting postponed but it will happen when the time is right.

The ABC's of Homebuying  - Once we have a critcal mass of folks ready to buy a new home, Community Action Team (CAT) will offer this class in our area.

Tenant Training – Community Action Team (CAT) in St. Helens has promised to do their Ready-To-Rent  program soon in the Nehalem Bay Area.

Workforce Housing Issues - Can employers work together to find housing for their employees in today's market??

Energy Upgrades - Saving on utilities means more funds available to meet rents or mortgages.

Zero Net Energy Housing - How low can we go??

Living Wage - What are other places’ experiences? What would this mean for our community?

2007 Meetings of Interest

Manza-Whee-Lem Kiwanis Club - January 10, 2007
Lane deMoll, NeahCasa Co-Chair, spoke on housing affordability issues

Housing Trust Potential Client Orientation "Coffee" Wednesday evening, February 28, 2007
At the home of Natasha Stevens & Rex Harter in Manzanita.  An inspiring film on housing trusts nationally was shown.

Manzanita Women's Club - Tuesday, April 3 at noon at Pine Grove Community CenterLane deMoll spoke about housing affordability issues.

Open House - Saturday, July 7, 2007

A chance to learn about housing affordability issues in our community as well as NeahCasa visions and projects. We began at the North County Rec District and then visited Redwing House - a privately owned model of "flex" rental in Nehalem and Tax Lot 300 in Nehalem - a potential future site for a model neighborhood development

Clatsop County Housing Solutions Conference - Thursday, September 27, 2007  - NeahCasa Board member Lane deMoll helped organize this well attended event in Seaside.

2006 Meetings of Interest:

Tillamook County Housing Summit

April 13, 2006 at Bay City Arts Center

100 people attended a discussion of the challenges and possiblities and strengthened between government and the private sector

Tillamook County Landlord Support Network Kick-off - November 13, 2006 at the Pine Grove Community Club. Speaker: Norton Cabell from Eugene
Tillamook County Commissioners Meeting

November 1, 2006 at the White Clover Grange

Discussion of use of County owned land next to Cartm Recycling

Joint City Planning Commissions Meeting on Affordable  Housing - Monday, October 30, 2006 at Rockaway Beach City Hall