Numbers & Data

In 2005 NeahCasa took up the inquiry about a lack of affordable housing in our community.  We wanted to look at the whole picture.   It quickly became clear that part of the huge learning curve we’d have to go through would be “wrastling” with numbers.   Median Incomes. Poverty statistics.  Land and house sale prices.

Statistics – and their attendant graphs and percentages - are complicated in the best of circumstances.  They can be used in all sorts of ways, to tell all sorts of stories.  The same numbers can be used to draw completely different conclusions.  Interpretation. Interpretation. Interpretation.

Housing numbers seem particularly complicated, especially subtle to remember and convey, and often challenging to pin down.

Thus the numbers in the following pages are from many different sources that don’t always quite correlate comfortably to each other.  We’ve presented them as our best guess efforts to show a rational, left-brained picture of the need for affordable workforce housing in Tillamook County and beyond.  It’s a picture that many of us know first hand.

We welcome feedback and questions on these numbers.  Tell us about what you see and what you don’t see.  We want to know both what you don’t understand and where you can teach us something because you know parts of it better than we do.