Public Policy Advocacy


NeahCasa has chosen to be designated as a public policy lobbying organization within its 501c3 taxexemption in order to be able to advocate for systemic changes within the various jurisdictions that affect making reasonably priced housing available for all. 

For more information about non-profit lobbying check out Non-Profit Management/Suite 101 or download this IRS PDF. >

A complex and powerful ensemble of federal, state and local policies shape the cost and availability of housing. 

What governments at different levels do can have a substantial impact on the availability of housing for the workforce and folks on fixed retirement incomes, as well as on growth in general. 

From 2005-2010 NeahCasa fostered conversations among government entities and local citizens to create a positive climate for housing affordability in our coastal communities. In the photo above, Manzanita City Council Member Linda Kozlowski talks to US Bank Manzanita Branch Mananger, Kelly Benson a the NeahCasa Open House in the Summer of 2007. Both have strong ties to NeahCasa are major contributors.  Kelly is a founding member of NeahCasa, but is no longer on the Board. Linda has since joined the Board in the Fall of 2009.

Communities can have a say in their quality of life by exercising policies that allow for creative, sensitive solutions to the issues that confront them. 

Massachusetts, for instance, has a Smart Growth/Smart Energy Program with a website tookkit that sets a good example of providing information and encouragement to communities to take an active part in their response to these issues.

Tillamook County Futures Council surveys done in a variety of forums in 2007, showed that affordable housing was high on most people's lists of issues needing to be dealt with.  53% of North County residents polled at the 2007 Tillamook County Fair stated that affordable housing was a priority concern for our area. 25% listed it as their top priority.  Yet, the only strategy listed in their Strategic Vision was "Encourage group projects and sweat-equity programs."


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