Explore Availability of Public Land

Because of the rising costs of land at the coast, it is important to land bank as much as possible for future development of affordable housing.

One avenue for doing this is to explore availability of public lands.


  • Local jurisdictions can donate surplus land to a Community  Land Trust or other housing organization to ensure that it is permanently affordable to local residents who need support.   

Tillamook County has given land to Habitat for Humanity in the past and in 2007 was exploring the possibility of donating land next to Cartm Recycling in Manzanita to a partnership between Habitat and NeahCasa.  In the end it was decided that the land needed to stay under the jurisdiction of Public Works for the future benefit of Cartm itself but it was a valiant effort on the part of the County Commissioners to address the community’s needs for housing.

  • Private developers could be inspired to partner with local governments to identify land to support modest housing.
   NeahCasa remains open to receiving and stewarding land for permanently affordable housing.

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