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Legal Guidelines: Neahcasa Years 2005 - 2011

Legal guidelines have been developed with the assistance of Legal Aid of Oregon. Translations into Spanish are included as well. This page includes links for tenants, landlords and for employee/tenant relationships.   Last updated in 2006, this is intended as a guide-only to the legal framework for landlord/tenant/employer relationships and to related legal resources.  Tenants and landlords are urged to retain legal assistance from attorneys experienced in current real estate law in Oregon.  Legal assistance may also be obtained through Legal Aid of Oregon located in Hillsboro.

Also, please see the NeahCasa Rental Support page for legal and technical support for landlords and tenants

The following are links to rights and legal guidelines deveoped by Legal Aid of Oregon for landlords and tenants in addressing critical issues related to housing rentals.

What are tenant rights in foreclosures?

What are the legal guidelines for tenants and landlords considering work as a contribution to rent ("sweat rent")?

What are my rights as a survivor of domestic violence?

Do you or a member of your family have a disability?

What do I do if I feel I have been subjected to sexual discrimination in seeking housing?  ( Spanish text).

What are grievance proceedures if my rental unit is funded under USDA Rural Development?

See the following links to Spanish/bilingual documents. (También vea el traductor del inglés-español de Yahoo)

Solicitud Para Estacionamiento De Incapacidad

Carta de reparación

Solicitud Para Ajuste Razonable del Alojamiento

Alquiler “A Cambio De” o “La Equidad por su Sudor”

Derechos de Vivienda Para Víctimas de la Violencia Doméstica

La Discriminación en el Alojamiento Para Víctimas de la Violencia Doméstica

Ajuste Razonable del Alojamiento en Letra Grande
Ajuste Razonable del Alojamiento para Animal de Servicio

Links to related web sites :        Information regarding a number of subjects important to low-income households.
www.    Oregon Bureau of Labor and Industries Information regarding rights and responsbilities of employers and employees  Fair Housing Council of Oregon web sight with information regarding civil rights in housing

Miscellaneous links and references:

Links to sites providing standard Oregon lease forms for a nominal fee.  NeahCasa is considering funding access to these forms in assisting in the creation of new affordable housing units. Please contact us if you are interested in obtaining access to these forms. True Forms or Stevens-Ness

Landlord security checklist (This was not written to comply with the Oregon  Residential Landlord-Tenant law and might, in a specific instance, not be appropriate)

Oregon Landlord Tenant Act (paragraph 145 re: tenant work to reduce ren

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